Our Company Achievements :


  • 1982- Themer Est. signed an exclusive partnership with Todos Trade Inc., Japan
  • 1982- Our office in Tokyo-Japan was established.
  • 1982- We signed as we are the exclusive shipper and distributor of Sanyo vending machines
    to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 1982- Thamer Est. signed an exclusive agency of Oscar Mayer Food Corp., in U.S.A.
    1982- We signed an exclusive agency for SMI Japan for refrigerator business.
  • 1983- Introduced the first prototype vending machine model C-10 with Coin Mechanism and Saudi Riyal bill validator.
  • 1983- Sales activity for bottlers and packer in Saudi Arabia was launched .
  • 1983- Oscar Mayer market share 10%.
  • 1984- 45 units was sold to our 2nd customer, Afri Cola.
  • 1984-Oscar Mayer market share is 20%.
  • 1985- Oscar Mayer market share is 35%
  • 1986- 78 units of Can vending machines sold to Jeddah.
  • 1986- 50 units of newspaper vending machine was sold to Jeddah.
  • 1987- 78 units was sold.
    1987-12 units of Tetra Pack & Ice cream machine sold to Jeddah.
  • 1988- Agreement achieved with Pepsi Cola bottlers Kingdom wide.
  • 1988-22 units of Tetra Pack were sold to Saudi Danish Milk Company.
  • 1989-First order from Pepsi Cola group was delivered.
  • 1989-First organization which implemented SASO regulations for vending machines.
  • 1990-Sales Target of 1200 units of vending machine achived.
  • 1990-T&T Established Service & Tourism office in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 1991- A total of 2800 units of different type of vending machine was sold in Saudi Market covers Can vending machine, Hot & Bottler, Tetra Pack, Ice Cream, Cup vending machine, Hot & Cold machines.
  • 1992-Thamer was selected as exclusive agent of Boboli International Inc.
  • 1992-T&T become the agent of Saudi Café of Thailand.
    1993-Thamer signed the agency of Lawler’s Food Inc., U.S.A.
  • 1994-Thamer signed the agency of Pocino Food Inc., U.S.A.
  • 1994-We gained the agency of Bella Luna pasta producers U.S.A.
  • 1994-Thamer vending machines market share 71% in Saudi Arabia.
  • 1994-Oscar Mayer market share is 76%.
    1994-Thamer became a member of NAMA (National Automatic Merchandise Assn.) U.S.A.
  • 1994-Thamer established a branch office in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. for vending machine export.
  • 1995-Themer Vending machine market share 99%.
  • 1996-Our JP-NET office in Japan was established.
  • 1998: We gained the distributer agency of Digiorno Pizza
  • 2000: We gained the distributer agency of Hormel
  • 2003: We gained the distributer agency of G.P.T
  • 2005: We signed the Memorandum of understanding with Sakau Vending Machines.
  • 2008: Direct import from American Foods Group

    Number of employees: 30 persons and 40% of which are exclusively working as sales force and technical supporters, i.e. engineers for Vending Machines and food Stuff .